Welcome to the Forest Watch Volunteer Program!

The "Forest Watch Volunteer Program" is open to everyone nationwide. All outdoor enthusiasts including campers, hikers, bird watchers, horsemen, fishermen, hunters, ATV riders, 4 wheelers, snowmobilers, etc are encouraged to participate.

This is a volunteer program for those who are willing to report violators that break the rules on our Public Lands.  If people know we are watching then hopefully we can lessen damage done and keep access to our public lands open and reduce the amount of taxpayers money being spent for repairs to these areas.

No meetings, work days or membership dues are required.  Just Vigilance and a willingness to take pictures of and report offenders caught in the "act".

The "Forest Watch Volunteer Program" is a nationwide program funded by donations from people who care to keep public lands open.

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Meet Muddy the Forest Watch Bear

Muddy the Forest Watch Bear is the mascot for the "Forest Watch Volunteer Program".  Muddy's message to all is to observe the tenants of Tread Lightly and remind all to protect our public lands.

As Muddy always says:

"Respect our public lands or lose them!"

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Free Forest Watch Volunteer decals

You can get 2 free Forest Watch decals by sending a 4.25"x4.25" or bigger stamped self addressed envelope to:

Forest Watch Decals
3250 Selah Loop Rd.
Selah, WA 98942

Conduct of a Forest Watch Volunteer

All Forest Watch volunteers are expected to obey the rules and laws of our public lands while recreating therein.  Volunteers who display the Forest Watch Volunteer Decal are expected to set a good example by abiding by the tenets of Tread Lightly and by conducting themselves in a manner that does not discredit the Forest Watch program.  Displaying the Forest Watch decal is not a license to break the laws. 

As a volunteer you are being asked to be vigilant for those that would do damage to our public lands and their resources.  If a volunteer observes someone intentionally doing damage to public lands by vandalizing property, mudding, forging new trails, cutting down trees, starting fires, etc. they are asked to take photos getting as much information as possible including but not limited to vehicles and or individuals doing the damage and whenever possible recording license plate numbers.

Click Here if you are unsure about how to report violators.

For more information about the "Forest Watch Volunteer Program" e-mail: contact@ForestWatchVP.org